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Treatment & Intervention

“Sensations are “food” or nourishment for the nervous system.”
Jean Ayres

We offer a variety of treatment and intervention packages. These might take place in the home, nursery, school or college, or another appropriate setting. Treatment and intervention packages may include;


Sensory Integration Therapy


Sensory Attachment Intervention


The Just Right State (Child and Parent Protocol/ Adult Adolescent Protocol)


Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Feeding


TalkTools™ Oral Placement Therapy


The Listening Program®

Typically, our intervention approaches are eclectic, combining the most useful and relevant aspects of different approaches in order to meet the specific needs of the child and their Key Adults.

Intervention will be implemented in a holistic and sequential manner. This means considering which approach would be most suitable to utilise developmentally. We also consider which elements of work need to be completed with the child or young person, and which with their parents or Key Adults. Therapy sessions are usually recorded using a camera to enable analysis and review.