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Training & Workshops

We deliver training to small focused groups, or to whole service or school teams. We provide a combination of theoretical and experiential learning opportunities, to support participants to consolidate and apply new knowledge, techniques and strategies – and have fun trying out new equipment!

We have worked with Local Authorities, Schools, Social Work Department Teams, parent groups, and other organisations. Training packages are created and developed around the specific needs of the participants.

“An empty lantern provides no light.
Self-care is the fuel that allows
your light to shine brightly.”

We want to empower adults by providing training on how to understand the needs of their children (whether it is children in their family, students, et cetera), but also how to address their own regulation needs. We have a focus on sensory processing, emotional regulation, and stress management. Regulation is essential for our holistic wellbeing, mood, motivation, curiosity and learning. We might work with groups who feel frequently stressed, fatigued, burnt out, or demotivated; or indeed those who feel they need to put their own needs aside in order to care for their child.

Using the principles of Sensory Attachment Intervention, we help to create recommendations and advice for how to enrich your environment – at home, work, or in another setting – to enable frequent opportunities throughout the day to self-regulate.

“Your living space is sacred.
This space serves as a grounding place, sometimes
as a retreat from the outside world.”
Winnie Dunn

We also deliver formal training for Sensory Attachment Intervention courses. Please visit for further information on upcoming courses.