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Training & Workshops

We deliver training to small focused groups, and to whole professional or school teams. We provide a combination of theoretical and experiential learning opportunities, to support participants to consolidate and apply new knowledge, techniques and strategies – and have fun trying out new equipment!

We offer bespoke training based on the need of the group, but the most frequent topics include;

  • Sensory Integration
  • Sensory Attachment Intervention
  • Emotional Regulation
  • ‘Learning to Learn’ Skills for Classrooms
  • Supporting Daily Living; Learning Functional and Self-Care Skills

We have worked with Local Authorities, Schools, Social Work Department Teams, parent groups, and other organisations. Training packages are created and developed around the specific needs of the participants.

We want to empower adults by providing training on how to understand the needs of their children (whether it is children in their family, students, et cetera), and also how to address their own regulation needs. This is essential for adults holistic wellbeing, mood, motivation, curiosity and learning, and availability to support the young people they work with.

Please see some feedback below from training sessions we have delivered;

Sensory Attachment Intervention (Bespoke Workshop)- March 2021

As Social Worker working with Foster Carers and Children in Care we are acutely aware of the impact of early trauma and adverse experiences on the children in our care system. We continuously want to upskill and look at ways in which we can support these children and ultimately their foster carers in caring for them. Emma Shedlow, Specialist Occupational Therapist and Sensory Intervention Lead, from Juniper Tree Therapy has worked with several of our children and foster carers in the Dublin North area, with very positive results. As not all of our team have had the pleasure of working closely with Emma and her colleagues, we asked if they could give the fostering and children in care teams an overview of Sensory Integration Therapy and how we can best support our foster carers. Emma kindly agreed to give a presentation to the team. This was no easy feat in two hours! Emma is excellent, she is so knowledgeable in what she does and she has a very easy way of explaining quite a complex subject to people who have no experience in occupational therapy. All who attended the training where highly complementary of Emma, and look forward to further trainings. We all feel that we understand Sensory Attachment Intervention a little better and how important this intervention is with our children in care and foster carers

Sarah Page, Senior Social Work Practitioner, Dublin Ireland

Trauma Informed Occupational Therapy and Independent Practice – December 2020

I found it a really interesting session, given that sensory integration is a really broad topic I feel Emma covered a lot in a really concise way. It was great that the session was interactive. Involving students in different activities really helped with insight into proprioception and vestibular processes and difficulties and how these impact on functional activities of daily living
MSc Occupational Therapy Final Year Student, Leeds Beckett University

Autism, Food & Regulation (One Day Bespoke Course) – October 2019

The training was really informative and presented in away which was highly engaging. It was information packed with lots of practical examples. I feel I have a better understanding of how sensory processing difficulties can impact on mealtimes and the types of strategies/ approaches that might be considered

Professional, attended course in Wales

Sensory Patterns and Stress Regulation Workshop Day – September 2019

I can’t even express how helpful I found the whole day. I’ve attended many great trainings over the years as a Foster Carer and ELC practitioner, but this training was the most powerful. I’ve come away with so many ideas to help our wee boy, to help myself and the rest of our family

Adoptive Parent And Foster Carer, attended workshop in Edinburgh

We also deliver formal training for Sensory Attachment Intervention courses. Please visit for further information on upcoming courses.