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“Joy has been a great addition to our multi-disciplinary team. Her knowledge and expertise have been truly valued. She has upskilled staff and empowered them to be able to deliver high quality interventions for our pupils. We look forward to working with her again this academic year!”
Emma Day, Lead Teacher in Rainbow Base, Richmond Hill Academy, September 2022
“Fantastic experience – Emma has been very approachable ever since our first meeting.  Her professionalism, as well as knowledge and its application to what our sons needs has been excellent.  Sensory processing issues and sensory integration is complex but Emma has a brilliant way of getting this across in a way that is clear and understandable.”
Parents of a child assessed for Sensory Integration difficulties

“As a speech and language therapist working with individuals with complex needs, it is difficult to find highly trained specialists in the area of sensory integration – we’ve definitely found that in Juniper Tree Therapy. It has been wonderful to work together with the joint aim of empowering staff to build communication into OT activities and vice versa. The difference to children’s access to activities, learning and interaction speaks for itself and we continue to learn so much from Emma and Nick.”

Speech and Language Therapist, working with Juniper Tree Therapy in Leeds

Sensory Attachment Intervention

“I work as a Guardian ad Litem and have recently had Juniper Tree Therapy Ltd complete the Sensory Attachment Intervention with a number of children I work with. The children were referred to Juniper Tree Therapy Ltd due to traumatic histories and the complex emotional and relational difficulties with which they were presenting with. This service has provided a highly efficient, professional and child centred service. The initial assessment is comprehensive, informative and while the information is complex it is delivered in a very easy to understand and user friendly manner. From this a clear intervention plan tailored to the child and family/residential unit was developed. The intervention block is provided seamlessly engaging with all important environments for the child and doing so sensitively. Most importantly the children have all had positive experiences of working with Nick and Emma and have been open to the intervention despite generally carrying huge mistrust of adults. Foster carers and residential staff have all spoken positively of their engagement with the service and found the intervention of immense benefit to both the adults and children. I would highly recommend Juniper Tree Therapy for its comprehensive understanding of trauma, attachment and occupational therapy needs of children in care.”

Guardian ad Litem, working with Juniper Tree Therapy in Ireland